Why do you want to live like vagabonds?

A friend used to talk about growing up on a sail boat.  The idea seemed so far from the norm it couldn’t have been more impossible.

However, our whole family loves the ocean, the kids spent a very significant portion of their impressionable childhood living in the Florida Keys.  It’s also where Ethan was born, which makes him a “Salt Water Conch.”  Sandy lived in Puerto Rico and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba from about ages 6-12.  Aric is 23 year veteran of the Navy and spent a lot of time on the Texas Gulf Coast as kid, visiting with family in the summer time.

We’ve moved 14 times in 23 years, it’s so common the kids ask at least once a year when we’re going to move again.  We’ve lived in cold places, and know that’s NOT an option for us, so we figured we would have to retire and live somewhere warm and tropical.   So many things pointed to living on a sailboat.  One day Aric just told Sandy “We’re going to live on a boat.”

However, while at our last duty station in Albuquerque, New Mexico we also fell in love with camping and decided to do a “Highlight Tour” around America, see all the biggest attractions and landmarks.  Once that adventure is over, we’ll be setting our sites on a boat.

Were there any protests? Friends or Family?
Actually, Sandy protested.  She said she didn’t want to go live on the ocean for months at a time and never see land.  After figuring out it’s nothing like that, and exploring home school options, she slowly warmed up to the idea.  After visiting a boat show in Anapollis, Maryland late 2016, she was sold on giving it a go!  Walking through about a dozen different catamarans, we got a pretty good idea of what we were in for.

Family didn’t really believe it at first.  Aric has mentioned he wanted to do the woodsman thing in Alaska… chop down trees, hunt off the land, the whole bit.  But those were fleeting.  After repeatedly telling family the boat thing was going to happen in 2019, they started believing.  Then the questions about school, and hurricanes, and all the other perils of living on a boat ensued.  They’re all pretty on board now and okay with it.

What are you doing now?

Well, we started home schooling the kids this year.  The big kids are AOP Switched on Schoolhouse and Ethann is doing the AOP Lifepac series with Sandy on a daily basis.  More about those in the videos.

We’re currently roaming the country and seeing what we can.


Do you have any idea what this is going to cost?

Yes and No, pushing off we thought we knew what it would cost.  But made sure we had a healthy emergency fund to draw off of.  Things have ended up costing significantly more than we anticipated, but a lot of that was by choice and the speed at which we move.  We have tracked literally every penny.  Sandy has turned expense tracking into nearly a part-time job.  🙂  We’ll be breaking down expense cost along the way in our videos, just no way to answer that question in a one line sentance as there’s just to many variables.

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