Tesla Battery – 5000W Quattro – RV Solar Install

This was a tough video to make! So much information to keep straight and try to articulate at the right level. I really wanted to show the complexity of the system, while making it approachable to anyone that may want to tackle their own DIY install. I didn't go fully...


We are currently looping around the United States. We have a hard date to be in Annapolis, MD for the 2019 sailboat show on October 12th. We have tickets for a meetup with a sailing group we have been following for some time. (SV DELOS). Currently, we're near...

Boondockers Welcome Review

Looking for a completely free camping option? Boondocking and Boondockers Welcome has been an awesome experience for us so far, and might just be what you’re looking for!

Tristons first Triathlon – Highline State Park

Triston's first triathlon was a great experience, high in the mountains at Highline State Park in Colorado.  He finished strong despite the extended run we had to do.  (ended up being a little over 4 miles instead of 3.2)  

Remember the Alamo – Traveling Texas

In the last episode we helped cleanup grandma's house from Hurricane Harvey. In this episode we travel back towards Albuquerque, New Mexico. We stop along the way to check out San Antonio, and visit the river walk, Rainforest Cafe, and a drive through...

Grandmas House was Flooded

After finding out Aric's Grandmother's house had flooded, we changed our plans, extended leave, and took off to Houston to help clean up.  

The Secret Galena King Mine

In this episode we’re taking a trip to the Gelena King mine, a 100 year old Flourite mine that’s no longer in production. Matt, a friend from work has been trying to get some aerial  footage for a while, and invited us to fly our drone on this private land...

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