We are currently looping around the United States. We have a hard date to be in Annapolis, MD for the 2019 sailboat show on October 12th. We have tickets for a meetup with a sailing group we have been following for some time. (SV DELOS).

Currently, we’re near Portland, Maine to check out the color change and get some fresh lobster. We head out of Maine on the 10th of October.

After Portland, we’ll zigzag down to Annapolis. We don’t usually have plans until the day before we leave, and almost never know what we’re going to do when we get there, so we can’t say for sure what our stops are. Just a general route. Detroit to Maine, through Cleveland and Niagara Falls, then down to Annapolis. (As of Sept 22nd)

After that, we’ll head a little bit West to knock out a few more states and then spend Thanksgiving with Aric’s Mom in Newport News, VA. There is a slight chance, Aric and Grace will catch a military “Space A” (free) flight out of Dover, DE to go spend a week in Europe for Grace’s 16th Birthday present. We will see.

Back in the States, and after some Turkey and time with family, we’ll be knocking out whatever is left to complete the lower 48 states in under six months! Finishing off in Texas for Christmas and New Years.

We’ll need to get some repairs on the camper in January at the dealer we bought the camper from as well. The leaks keep coming back and developing anew.

If all goes perfect, we’ll be heading West again to Travis AFB in California. From there, the family will hopefully catch another military “Space A” flight to Hawaii to spend two weeks bouncing around the islands and exploring.

We should be back by mid-March and heading back to the Florida Keys, where Aric will hopefully get to take a Dive Instructor course in April using his GI Bill. That’ll be a 3 month course. During that time, we plan to do some hard core searching for the perfect sailboat. We hope to find a good condition, 45-55 foot Lagoon catamaran. Our aperture is open to other good finds, but we have favored the Lagoon brand of sailboats we’ve seen so far.

Where ever the perfect boat is located will dictate our course from the Keys. It could be a boat in the Mediterranean, Thailand, or the Caribbean…. who knows, our home is adrift and where we stay matters not!

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