The Secret Galena King Mine

A unique trip to a private mine!

In this episode we’re taking a trip to the Gelena King mine, a 100 year old Flourite mine that’s no longer in production.

Matt, a friend from work has been trying to get some aerial  footage for a while, and invited us to fly our drone on this private land near Albuquerque, New Mexico.

We had to go off road for this adventure.  It got pretty rough, but we made it without incident.

We got the grand tour of the two main mineshafts that run hundreds of feet into the mountain.

The kids learned tons of interesting things and we had to watch out for bats, mountain lions, and snakes.

There’s tons of beautiful fluorite and minerals at every turn, it was like walking into a bigger than life Geode.

Tespassers and treasure hunters have wreaked havoc on large portions of the mine over the years, but Matt and the “Friends of the Gelena King Mine”, a non-profit that maintains the land with the owners permission, have worked hard to clean up the mine, put up bat friendly doors at the entrances, and deter people from trespassing.

Matt was extremely knowledgeable about the mine and its history, and even more passionate about protecting it for future generations to enjoy.

After hours of exploration, crossing bridges, climbing ladders, and dodging a few bats, it was time to head out.

We got permission to sift through the old rock piles for a couple of cool keep sakes, and then made our way down the mountain to take flight with the drone.

We had no idea what to expect, but we had an absolutely awesome experience, thanks Matt!

In our next video, we’re heading to Houston, Texas after finding out my grandmothers house had flooded by Hurricane Harvey.

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