Roswell - Carlsbad - Lincoln - Fort Stanton

A fast and furious 3 day weekend to the south!

In our first episode, we’re traveling to Carlsbad New Mexico on a 3 day weekend to check out the caverns with the kids.  This was our first somewhat long-distance trip in the camper and it went really well.

On the way, down to Carlsbad we made a stop at the Roswell Alien Museum and Research center.  The kids just couldn’t believe so many people have reported UFO’s over the years.  They’re starting to question if there’s really a cover up going on.

After our brief stop in Roswell, we headed down to Brantley State Park and setup for the night.

We timed an evening trip down to the Caverns so we could check out the bats take flight after the tour, unfortunately no cameras were allowed at the bat show.

The next day, after pancakes and a workout, we made our way back north along Billy the Kid trail.  We happen chanced upon a really cool annual Padgeant that gets put on the first weekend of every August.  After we setup camp at Stanton State Park, we made our way over to the Fort to check it out before heading into town for the show.

In town we grabbed some kettle corn and drinks, then made our way over to the show, where the local Indian tribe was entertaining the crowd with local prayer dances.

The main show was called “the last escape of billy the kid” and it was great, it was a pretty cool large scale production, complete with horses and guns.

We started our last day with a quick hike through Stanton state park.  Then we loaded up and checked out a ghost town called White Oaks, NM on our way home, an old favorite watering hole of billy the kid.  There’s not much to see in a ghost town, but it was pretty surreal with no one around!

Our first trip was a huge success.  Homeschooling gave us the flexibility to take Friday off, as the kids did extra work earlier in the week.

It was very a fast pace weekend, but we all had a great time!

In our next episode, we head North to Colorado and hang off the side of a cliff before checking out the four corners and moving south to Canyon De Chelley and the Petrified forest.

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