Welcome to our journey of moving a family of five onto a sailboat.  Around mid 2016 we agreed after the military, we would spend at least 1 to 2 years living on a sailing catamaran.  Aric retired from the Navy in December, and as of May 2019, we have sold off most our possessions, moved into the fifth wheel full time, and spent the 2019 school year in the Florida Keys, letting the kids finish one last year of public school.


June 1st we set off on an around the country tour in the fifth, we’ll go where the wind takes us, but in general we’re making a clockwise trip around.  Starting in Florida, head towards Cali, then up towards Washington state, and then zigzagging East towards Maine.


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August 2017, first of many road trips!

Brantley State Park

Overnight stay at Brantley State Park, based out of here to go visit the Caverns

Stanton State Park

Along the “Billy the Kid Trail” we camped here for a night and went to the annual Lincoln, NM annual “Last Escape of Billy the Kid” pageant.

Mancos State Park

Great visit at this awesome park.  Vicki, the park ranger, was super friendly and even brought coloring books over for the kids!  Beautiful backdrop and pleasant weather!

Mesa Verda National Park

Got a unique experience and went up the 33 foot ladder to check out the cliff dwellings.  Kids and we had a great experience!

Four Corners

We got to stand in four states at once!  Pretty neat.

Palacios, Texas

June 3, 2019 – Staying at Aunt/Uncle D’s house at Schicke Point.  Fishing, Knee Boarding, and relaxing.

City of Rocks

Tucson, AZ

Meteor Crater, AZ

Grand Canyon South Rim

Las Vegas, NV

Yosemite National Park

Los Angeles

Isabella Lake, CA

Redwood National Park

San Francisco

Mount Saint Helens

Spokane, WA

Glacier National Park

Elk Bend RV Park

Sawtooth National Forest

Craters of the Moon National Monument

Salt Lake City, UT

Dinosaur National Monument

Soda Lake, WY

Yellowstone National Park

Hardin, Montana

Quick stop for a night on way to Ellsworth.  Bad storm at small RV park.

Mount Rushmore

Ellsworth AFB for two weeks.

Redfield, SD

Sheyenne Naitonal Grasslands

Mall of America

Chippewa Falls

Washburn, WI

Rapid River, MI

Frankfort, MI

Jerome, Michigan

Cleveland, Oh

Niagara Falls

Alleghany National Forest

Chesterfield, NH

Cornish, Maine

Hershey, PA

Sturbridge, MA

Washington, DC

Thousand Islands

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